Prince William County Lawyer For Child Custody And Visitation

Child custody cases are possibly the most contentious type of legal matters, and without the right legal representation one parent can dictate the narrative of the dispute, which can lead to an unfavorable outcome.

All of the attorneys at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., are experienced child custody lawyers. Each of them has litigated matters in the Prince William County courts, and each understands the intricacies of family law. They work together as a team and familiarize themselves with every case the firm handles. By retaining our law firm for your child custody matter, you will be working directly with an experienced child custody, visitation and divorce attorney.

Types Of Child Custody And Visitation Laws In Virginia

Child custody can come in three types:

Sole custody: One parent has unilateral decisions making authority for the child, and makes the determinations concerning a child’s welfare and daily life.
Joint legal custody: Both parents are granted decision-making authority and responsibility for caring for their child — even if the child resides primarily with one parent.
Joint physical custody: The child regularly resides with both parents for significant periods of time.
Courts base custody on the child’s best interest. Courts may look at each parent’s ability to raise the child in an appropriate manner, examine the child’s needs and come to a decision as to what sort of custody arrangement would be most beneficial for the child. Factors affecting decisions can include whether abuse or domestic violence has occurred in a home. The court will also closely examine the role that each parent has played in the raising of the child.

Making Certain Your Voice Is Heard

Each parent will have his/her own opinion as to how the child should be raised, whom the child should reside with and when visitation from the other parent should be permitted. Our attorneys can tell your story to the court in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

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