Prince William County Personal Injury Attorney

While accidents resulting in personal injury can be very sudden, the consequences can be extremely long-lasting. Even suffering from broken bones, torn ligaments or road rash can mean that you have to take time off from work and expend large sums of money for your care.

Helping The Seriously Injured Recover Following An Accident

Recovering compensation can be difficult. Sometimes the negligent party who caused the injuries will not have the money to pay for your medical expenses or will contest any claim made. Insurance companies may deny claims made on policies or try to place the responsibility upon some other party.

Injuries can also be complex, and there sometimes is no immediate diagnosis. Brain or spinal cord injuries, for example, can be incredibly difficult to diagnose, and sometimes victims of such trauma never fully recover. Further, the long-term care for these injuries is expensive.

Our personal injury attorneys at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., will fight to make certain that you obtain compensation for your injuries. Besides your immediate needs, we will also make certain that any compensation package will also consider your long-term medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, wage loss and costs for other services.

Contact Our Prince William County Accident Lawyers

There are many ways that injuries can occur due to somebody else’s negligence. When they do, you can contact our law firm for an initial consultation with one of our lawyers by calling 703-659-4402. Let our law firm help you.

We will not get paid for our personal injury services unless we recover compensation for you.