Prince William County Attorney For Serious Injuries

The personal injury lawyers at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., have experience with handling matters involving serious brain, spinal cord or burn injuries due to the negligence or carelessness of others. Not only are these injuries extremely tragic for the victim, such injuries can also place an incredible burden upon the family and loved ones forced to care for them.

Helping The Seriously Injured Recover

The consequences of serious injuries cannot be understated. Medical expenses alone can exceed several hundred thousand dollars. When suffering such injuries, the victim of the accident may not be able to return to work for a very long time or may be required to take a job that pays much less. Services may be required for their everyday care. Also, insurance coverage can be unavailable for much of the expense.

Predicting the exact costs resulting from an accident can be extremely difficult. The course that medical treatment takes can vary greatly from situation to situation, and medical complications can arise that even the best of medical professionals cannot anticipate.

Our attorneys for serious injuries at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., will aggressively pursue every avenue of compensation. Any compensation package we negotiate addresses immediate and long-term needs. We also make certain that compensation is considered for the loss of enjoyment of life that comes about when serious injuries occur.

How To Contact Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C.

Our law firm is located in Stafford, Virginia, and also frequently represents clients from Prince William County. We can be reached regarding your personal injury matter by calling 703-659-4402.

We will charge no fee for our personal injury services unless we recover compensation for you.