The attorneys at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., get to know their clients on a very personal level. This is especially true when dealing with elder law, long-term care planning and estate planning concerns.

Taking Care Of Each Other

For parents with disabled  children, it is a common desire to see their children well cared for after they, as parents, are no longer there to care for them. Likewise, every child wishes to see the needs of his/her elderly parent met as he/she enters their golden years. With a well-coordinated plan, we meet the needs of both children and parents.

Kathryn Van Hooser is an elder law attorney who is extremely detail-oriented and takes a holistic approach to all her clients' concerns. She looks at the individual circumstances of every client and puts together the proper documentation for their individual circumstances. If a minor child is approaching adulthood, she provides guidance regarding how the young adult can protect themselves. When a diagnosis of long-term dementia occurs, she will coordinate all benefits to make certain that no resource for providing care is lost. This can include helping with connecting resources for Medicare or Medicaid benefits available. In some circumstances, Kate Van Hooser helps in setting up guardianships protecting elderly people from coercion that could lead to the wrong financial choices.

Helping Our Military Veterans In Their Time Of Need

There are 27 military bases in Virginia, including ones close to Stafford, Alexandria and Triangle. The needs of our aging veterans, especially those who fought in foreign wars, are unique. It's important for those who have served and the families of those who served to know about every benefit they are entitled to receive.

Kate Van Hooser, is not only the daughter of a career army officer, but also routinely works with veterans she understands their unique needs. As with all elderly individuals, she makes certain that plans for veterans are devised correctly and that all resources are explored when providing for their care.

The lawyers at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., serve the needs of the elderly throughout Fairfax County, Stafford County and Prince William County. To learn more about their services or to contact them for an appointment, please call 703-659-4402.