There are many instances where divorce, child custody and child support orders have to be revisited due to changes. This is not unexpected because divorce decrees cannot cover every changed circumstance. While some orders require modification, others require enforcement in the event one party fails to abide by the order of the court.

At Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., we routinely provide modification and enforcement services for our clients because our divorce attorneys try to maintain an ongoing relationship with everyone we represent.

Providing Consistent Representation For All Our Clients

Over the course of time, the needs of family members may change from the time when a divorce has taken place. Spouses change occupations. Sales of property take place. Special education or medical needs of children arise. Existing decrees may not take all of this into account.

We approach post-divorce modification matters with the same amount of effort as we approach matters during the original divorce. Every case matters to us because we understand how important it is for each of our clients. We are committed to providing the same level of attention to detail and making certain our clients' voices are heard in every matter.

If you retain Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., to assist with your modification or enforcement matter, you will be working directly with an experienced and skilled lawyer. Our attorneys will work together to make certain that your needs are addressed, and we will continue in our representation of you until the case is finally resolved.

How To Contact Our Stafford, Virginia, Law Firm

Our lawyers represent clients throughout Prince William County and make themselves available to you. For an initial consultation with one of them, call Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., at 703-659-4402.