Couples look forward to their wedding and new marriage as being a wonderfully emotional and romantic time together.  However in addition to the romantic times, practical precautions taken in advance will save couples from great heartache and regret later in the event of a separation or divorce. Besides a personal adventure, a marriage is similar to a business arrangement (the most important arrangement a person will probably ever make). Couples can purchase homes, invest in assets, have children and raise a family together. They can enter into various other obligations and ventures as well, making the need for protection extremely important.

Why A Prenuptial Agreement Is A Good Idea

Unfortunately, many marriages do end in divorce because of misunderstandings or due to people growing apart. In the event this does occur, it's good to know you have a prenuptial agreement outlining how assets and debts will be handled in a variety of situations.

Each spouse will know where he or she stands when it comes to his or her duties and obligations in the event a marriage ends. A prenuptial agreement potentially reduces infighting over dividing up belongings and a number of personal concerns otherwise left up to courts to decide.

Both Kate Van Hooser and Christy Aguirre who regularly prepare prenuptial agreements and understand the major concerns that couples have when entering into a marriage. During the initial consultation, our attorney will  go through these concerns with her client, find out about their particular goals, and explains the potential scenarios in the event the couple did divorce.

The prenuptial agreement  we create also lets couples know the expectations that each spouse has for the marriage, and lets the couple know what to expect should the marriage come to an end. This will reduce contention and possibly allow each spouse to leave the marriage with less animosity toward the other. Rather than diminish the romantic aspect of marriage, a prenuptial agreement can keep spouses realistic about the expectations they have toward each other, and go into the marriage with a better understanding of what will occur if certain circumstances arise.

Contact A Perceptive And Skilled Prenup Lawyer

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