Preparing a marital property settlement agreement (or property settlement agreement) when a divorce or legal separation occurs can help minimize a number of costly disputes. These separation agreements can limit the numbers of contested marital issues heard in court — which saves you time and money. With the drafting negotiation and execution of a Property Settlement Agreement, parties can avoid costly litigation and move forward with their lives.

Understanding How Separation Agreements Need To Be Drafted

Separation agreements allow for you to have the maximum amount of input into decisions on how division of property, custody of your child, and other concerns can be resolved. Unfortunately, a poorly worded separation agreement can create complications rather than resolve problems. When clauses in the agreement are unclear or inconsistent, courts will then provide their own interpretation and make determinations for you. This defeats the purpose of having a separation agreement.

Our family law attorneys at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., know how to craft such agreements to protect your rights and ensure there are no ambiguities. As experienced negotiators, they can spot issues that can be easily resolved. Through use of separation agreements, they can reduce the number of issues needing to be addressed in courts to a more manageable number or resolve the case completely. We can also help you protect property that is rightfully yours.

Working Together As A Team

Our lawyers at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., provide honest and straightforward advice regarding your family law matters. They work together as a dedicated legal team, make themselves available to address any question or concern, and provide personal attention to every case.

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