It's impossible to underestimate the impact of a divorce. The most valuable things in your life are at stake, including your home, savings and in particular the future of your children. Mistakes during the divorce process can be particularly costly. Even if circumstances can be remedied during an appeal, this can turn out to be time-consuming and expensive.

How Divorce Is Handled In Virginia

In our state, there is a partial or qualified divorce (divorce from bed and board) where couples remain legally separated and not allowed to remarry. There is also divorce from the bond of matrimony where severance of the entire marriage occurs.

Virginia also has fault divorce where the grounds for the basis of filing concern matters such as adultery or cruelty. No-fault divorce occurs where two individuals are living separately for a period of time and then wish to end their marriage. Courts base the length of the required legal separation upon whether the couple has minor children through birth or adoption.

The approach the lawyers at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., will take in any circumstance is based upon the unique facts of your case. As no two divorces are alike, our lawyers address clients' needs by examining closely their personal wishes. In certain cases, this means we will take an aggressive approach, and in other instances, it may mean taking a softer approach. We are always prepared to handle each matter on a case-by-case basis.

Divorce Attorneys Establishing A Personal Relationship With You

We at Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., understand that situations change. Spouses change occupations and children have special needs requiring attention. Our attorneys try to anticipate the present and future needs of all of our clients as much as we can. However, issues still require revisiting as it's not possible to predict every child custody or child support outcome.

By getting to know our clients personally, they have grown to trust us. Since many of our Prince William County clients have felt positive about the outcomes in earlier legal matters, they trust us to handle their subsequent cases as well.

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