Estate planning and elder law considerations are too important to leave to chance. At Van Hooser & Aguirre, P.C., we recommend that every adult creates a will, power of attorney and, depending on his/her circumstance, a trust to protect assets.

Helping You Decide What To Do With Your Savings

Kathryn Van Hooser is an estate planning lawyer who has long provided personalized service and guidance for her Prince William County clients. By providing good planning options, she reduces the number of difficult choices clients need to make when it comes to concerns about their estate.

Many estate planning clients are referred to Kate Van Hooser by her other clients. She provides clarity regarding how the system works and lets clients know what to anticipate. The estate planning services she provides include:

  • The preparation of a will: The state of Virginia has unique rules regarding the creation of a will. Unfortunately, a poorly worded will or one that does not comply with our laws can invalidate the will. Without a valid will, a probate court could decide the way in which your estate assets are distributed. Lengthy court battles could be costly. Kate Van Hooser understands the probate process and how estates are distributed. She helps clients avoid mistakes when drafting a will and makes certain every necessary provision is included.
  • Creation of applicable trusts: There are a variety of ways to draft trust language that fits your particular situation. Kate Van Hooser can create a special needs trust should you have a disabled child whom you want to make certain is cared for when you are no longer there. She adds spendthrift clauses to trusts to make certain assets in the trust are not needlessly spent. Finally, trusts can be set up where money can be sheltered from taxes and not subject to the probate process.
  • Creation of powers of attorney: Powers of attorney (POA) allow for you to appoint an individual you trust who will take care of your finances or make medical decisions for you when you are unable to choose for yourself. It assures that choices made for you are the right ones.
    Please make an appointment with Kate Van Hooser by calling 703-659-4402. The earlier you meet with her, the better the opportunity for effective planning.